Full-Service SEO

Our full service package is a comprehensive SEO service. We start with a full audit and use that to build a custom SEO roadmap tailored to your business. Our packages cover every major component of SEO and are continuously tweaked and optimized to maximize results. We break the process into two stages: the first month (diagnostics, setup, and planning) and ongoing monthly activities (the growth engine)..

Our Full-Service SEO Package Includes:
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Kickoff Month

Kickoff Call

We learn about your business.

The kickoff call is an opportunity for us to learn about your business. Understanding your business, business model, target markets, and customer behavior helps us create an SEO roadmap that not only generates more organic traffic -- but one that attracts the right traffic at the right time.

We’ll come prepared with some basic insights about your general market and organic competitors (i.e. your competitors in Google, which may not be the same as your business competitors). We’ll also discuss:

  • Your product or service
  • Key KPIs for your business
  • Your market and your place in it
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    Your primary business competitors
  • check
    Your current SEO strategy
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    How SEO fits into your business plan

Comprehensive SEO Audit

We kick the tires.

After our kickoff call, we’ll conduct a full and comprehensive SEO audit. This is the largest audit (and report) you’ll receive. We dig into every nook and cranny of your tech, your content, your links. We contextualize all of that in the competitive landscape to identify what’s working and where key opportunities might be. The audit includes:

  • Competitive landscape mapping
  • Technical audit (see below)
  • Link audit
  • check
    Summary of current SEO
  • check
    Summary of key opportunities

Custom SEO Road Map

We come up with a complete blueprint.

After our kickoff call and full audit, we’ll be able to develop a custom SEO roadmap tailored to your business. While it’s almost always necessary to adapt tactics as our SEO campaigns evolve, the roadmap provides a detailed picture of what the next six months might look like, and what work we plan to do. It includes:

  • List of monthly activities
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    Rationale for activities
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    Tentative schedule
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    Goals & KPIs
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    Resource allocation
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    Tentative timeline

Content Strategy & Keyword Research

We schedule six months worth of content

A major part of the first month will be devoted to in-depth keyword research and content strategy. We'll see what's working for your organic competitors, and we'll identify opportunities your competitors may have missed. Then, we'll use that data to develop a pipeline we can use to produce content for the next six months. This element includes:

  • Deep-dive topical keyword research
  • Competitor content analysis
  • Content gap analysis
  • check
    Linkable asset planning
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    Complete 6-month content pipeline

Ongoing Monthly SEO

Technical SEO

We make sure the site stays healthy. 

Technical SEO is extremely important and often underrated, and technical problems can potentially undermine months of work. If we don’t have a good technical foundation, all our other efforts risk falling flat. After achieving a basic level of website health, we work on longer-term technical optimizations that can really move the needle. Our monthly technical SEO includes:

  • Site health (review of unique hundreds of data points)
  • Site speed maintenance
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    XML Sitemap maintenance
  • Robots.txt maintenance
  • check
    Mobile friendliness analysis
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    Quarterly full technical audit

Blog Management

We run your whole blog start-to-finish.

Content is the engine of SEO. A steady stream of good, well-optimized content is one of the most important parts of consistent organic growth. To do that, you need a blog. We manage the blog start-to-finish and make sure every new piece of content is optimized to attract incrementally more organic traffic. Our blog management service includes:

  • Content strategy & keyword research
  • Topic conception and ideation
  • Weekly articles at 2,000 words each
  • check
    Top-tier, journalistic quality writers
  • check
    Data-driven on-page optimization
  • check
    Editing, formatting, and publishing in WordPress

Tactical Outreach & Link Building

We reach out, make friends, and secure link placements.

Links remain a core part of Google’s algorithm and are often necessary to see consistent growth. We do links 100% white hat. We create good, linkable content first, and our team reaches out to real websites with real webmasters and builds relationships to get legitimate mentions. Because there are lots of uncontrollable human variables with outreach, we set a monthly cap and only charge for links secured. Our link building element includes:

  • Linkable asset creation
  • Link prospecting
  • Target site research
  • check
    Initial outreach
  • check
    Relationship management and negotiation
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    Link placement and tracking

Advanced Tracking & Analytics

We run your whole blog start-to-finish.

Analytics is one of the most effective tools in digital marketing today. By leveraging the power of analytics, we can gain insight into not only how much traffic is coming to your website, but how that traffic is getting there and which sources are most valuable.

Anchored by our analytics team, our analytics services will help you collect and leverage meaningful data from the most advanced tools available. As Google Analytics Certified Analysts, our services include specializations in Google Data Studio, Google Tag Manager and Google Optimize. We are at the forefront in analytics working diligently to bring a deeper understanding to your online performance.

For every site we work on, we set up detailed analytics, which enables us to provide ultra-deep levels of reporting and campaign optimization. Analytics and tracking setup includes:

  • Traffic and other growth trends
  • Digital marketing channel analysis
  • User acquisition analysis
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    Organic traffic analysis
  • check
    Keyword performance
  • check
    Revenue breakdowns

On-Page Optimization

We super-tune under-optimized content.

We think on-page optimization is perhaps the single most overlooked and undervalued part of SEO. People tend to treat on-page optimization as a 10-point, one-size-fits-all checklist that will work for every piece of content.

In our experience, Google rewards different types of pages for different keywords. In service of this axiom, our on-page optimizations are detailed and data-driven; we look at dozens of factors and optimize your pages based on what Google is actually rewarding in the search results. This element includes:

  • Finding under optimized content
  • SERP analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • check
    Content review
  • check
    Optimization recommendations 
  • check

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