Case Studies

Case Study #1: Pets Business

Zero to 150,000 monthly visitors in under two years.

The Problem

This site was started from scratch and had zero traffic when work started. It needed ground-up SEO, including all related technical, content, and outreach activities. In fact, there wasn’t even a website; we had to build one. This was a complete, start-to-finish product, and SEO was the main traffic acquisition strategy.

The Solution

We did comprehensive keyword research and content planning to lock down where the best content opportunities were so we could get the highest possible return on the initial content investment.

We implemented a unique, aggressive content plan, adding 60,000 words of content in the first two months. The initial batch of content was a mix of traffic-generating content and linkable assets we could use for outreach.

We then conducted several outreach campaigns, reaching out to real webmasters and building relationships to secure links. We used mostly infographic marketing for these campaigns, although we included a few high-level guest posts and one skyscraper campaign.

After the site started seeing success, we implemented an ongoing SEO plan to sustain and grow the traffic for another year and a half.

The Result

This business was very successful and saw consistent monthly growth -- in terms of both traffic and revenue -- for the duration of the project. The owner was eventually able to make a healthy exit for more than he was expecting.

Case Study #2: B2B Site

80% increase in organic traffic YoY & 70% increase in qualified leads.

The Problem

The client wanted to grow their online presence to be competitive with other larger more well established brands in the space. In the past, they had ran a previous SEO campaign that wasn't done to best practices and as a result there was a lot of duplicate and thin content.

The Solution

We worked to address all duplicate and closely synonymous content. We crawled their website using our preferred web crawler tool to identify all pages with thin or duplicated content. From there we made the decision to remove or keep specific content pages based on historical page performance.

From there we completed a new keyword research project that exposed hidden content opportunities to drive growth. Once we completed the keyword research we built a content creation schedule to capitalize on previously hidden opportunities.

Moving forward, we regularly audited their page for technical SEO health issues to preserve the new rankings and organic traffic growth.

The Result

In the end, the content consolidation, content creation and meta data updates substantially grew their online presence. The business saw consistent organic growth compared to previous years. They consistently hit new record highs and the increase in traffic brought a sustainable increase in qualified leads through organic traffic.

Case Study #3: Outdoor Sports

0 to 30,000 monthly visits in under a year

The Problem

This was another ground-up project that needed all aspects of SEO: technical SEO, content strategy, blog management, and outreach. While initial traffic and exposure was the immediate goal, the client also eventually wanted to pivot to ecommerce, which meant content strategies had to be built with that in mind.

The Solution

We built this site from the ground up and set up all technical SEO bells and whistles. Instead of publishing weekly, we condensed the publishing schedule so we could publish 30 traffic-generating blog posts as soon as possible.

We then built several linkable assets that served as the engine for several successful tactical outreach campaigns. We also conducted some “ground zero” link building, building natural relationships and going after low-hanging-fruit (but still ethical, white-hat links) that would move the needle.

After traffic grew, the owner decided to deploy an ecommerce store. We outlined site architecture and technical SEO requirements for the store, conducted a new and larger round of keyword research, and published nearly 100 product pages.

The Result

This site grew from zero traffic to roughly 30,000 monthly visitors. Traffic continued to grow after the ecommerce store was added, and the owner was able to exit shortly after.  

Case Study #4: B2C Site

95% Increase in Organic Traffic; 45% Increase in Online Revenue

The Problem

This client wanted to grow their brand visibility and drive online revenue in a competitive saturated market. In the past, this company had experienced drops in organic traffic and visibility over the course of a year.

The Solution

Site speed, lack of a keyword strategy, and duplicate content were huge issues for this client. On average it took their website anywhere from 10 to 14 seconds to load.

The first step was to run a comprehensive technical SEO audit to identify key areas of concern. From there we worked with the client to identify keywords that would drive meaningful business outcomes. We then created a keyword map and a content creation schedule. The next step was to canonicalize and remove the duplicate content pages to avoid cannibalizing rankings.

Then we began rewriting existing thin content landing pages to drive organic growth.

The Result

This site experienced a sustained increase in organic visibility along with increases in online revenue. Prior to the SEO campaign the client relied heavily on an internal sales force. Now they leverage their website as a key marketing / sales tool.

Case Study #5: Clothing Startup

255% increase in organic traffic & 700% increase in organic revenue.

The Problem

This site had hidden technical SEO issues, thin content and poor user experience. By default the CMS landing pages within the Shop folder were dynamically created and were canonicalized. There were also a great deal of thin content pages and external resources being crawled and indexed which was using up their crawl budget.

The Solution

The client wanted to grow their brand visibility and position themselves in front of people who aren't familiar with them.

The first phase was a comprehensive technical audit to identify issues related to the CMS. The second phase consisted of creating landing page content to gain search visibility of dynamically created landing pages. The final phase consisted of creating informational content to engage their target market and solidify themselves as an authority in their niche.

The Result

The site experienced a substantial increase in visibility. This was due in part to newly created landing pages that drove increases in traffic deeper to the site. This resulted in a 255% increase in organic traffic and dramatic increases in organic revenues by approximately 700%.

Case Study #6: Finance

1,754% increase in visibility

The Problem

This site had major indexation issues. It had been built and marketed, but it simply wasn’t showing up in the SERPs like it should have been. Google’s index excluded real pages and included pages that had been deleted and were now 404s. There were also a great deal of technical problems with the site contributing to poor search visibility.

The Solution

We first conducted a comprehensive technical audit to pinpoint possible issues. We discovered the site had been built on a theme that looked good but was built poorly. The theme was serving key elements -- like the main navigation -- in JavaScript, and after digging into indexation reports, we found that much of the site simply wasn’t being crawled.

While this sort of thing is highly unusual, we decided that the easiest way to fix the problem would be to essentially rebuild it on a completely different technical framework.

We moved to a fast, minimal, well-coded theme, and spent about a week getting the site to look and function exactly the same it did before. We removed plugin bloat while retaining all the functionality of those plugins, and we drastically sped up the site. We also moved to a premium hosting company.

Then, we updated sitemaps and forced a recrawl of both the site at large and of key individual pages. We also submitted removal requests for indexed 404 content. While this was occuring, we’d built a few relationships and were able to leverage those to earn a few good, relevant links in the industry.

The Result

This site experienced a dramatic increase in visibility. When we started, it appeared for about 100 organic keywords. At the time of writing, it now ranks for 1,754 and is riding a steady, healthy growth curve.

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